BareTroupe is a hive of creative expression. Created as a self-directed performance group, BareTroupe provides actors, singers, and dancers the opportunity to practice their craft beyond the confines of a set show.

Have a scene you've always wanted to do but have never had the opportunity to be in that production? Ever wanted to perform your favorite musical number but have never been given a stage to do so?

You can do it all - in BareTroupe.

Music Manager

Yoonji Jang is a third-year majoring in Theater & Performance Studies here at UC Berkeley. She is exuberant to be returning to her fourth semester with BareTroupe and continue on as Music Manager. She was last seen in HAIR, her first show with BareStage Productions last semester and is thrilled to take part in more shows this year. Some of Yoonji's favorite onstage roles include Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray (DTL Award Winner), Tuptim in The King &I 
(DTL Nomination), Meg Giry in The Phantom of the Opera, Player in Pippin & various dance shows with CK Dance. Yoonji is a lover of all things musical theatre, Laura Osnes, Jeremy Jordan, Lea Salonga… well, anyone or thing related to Broadway. Here's to fantastic & creative season!


Jessica Slaght is a senior double majoring in Theater & Performance Studies and Media Studies and is delighted to continue performing with BareTroupe after managing the group for the last two years. With BareStage, Jessica appeared in The 25th Annual...Spelling BeeMetamorphosesAlmost Maine, and Urinetown; and directed Hair last SpringOther favorite roles include Millie (Thoroughly Modern Millie) and Maria (The Sound of Music). When not in rehearsal, Jessica is likely stalking drag queens on Instagram and making everybody she knows listen to musicals about cheerleaders, presidents, and axe murderers. ALL the love to her BareTroupe fam! 


Madeleine Pla is a fourth year Music Major who is stoked to be diving into her second year with BareTroupe! She has previously appeared in BareStage’s Hair12 Angry MenUrinetown!, and Wonder Girl. Some favorite roles she played in her youth include Simba in The Lion King and Troy Bolton in High School Musical. When not being told she’s the perfect height for volleyball or runway modeling, Madeleine can be found in her room writing songs on her guitar about boys or hating everything. She also enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches and taking Buzzfeed quizzes way too seriously.


Alex Scoolis is a junior double majoring in Media Studies and Theater & Performance Studies and is very happy to be joining BareTroupe this semester! During his first year at Cal, Alex portrayed Officer Barrel in BareStage’s production of Urinetown. Some of his other favorite past roles include Tracy Turnblad (Hairspray), Little Cosette u/s (Les Miserables), and Bruiser Woods (Legally Blonde). Many have compared Alex to great artists such as Beyoncé or William Hung. When not pondering the meaning of human existence, Alex can be found hiding from responsibility, singing too loudly in public places, and eating multiple pints of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting. Other hobbies include crying because he is not Bernadette Peters."


Harry Fahn is a second year intending to double major in theater and psychology. Needless to say, he is so freaking thrilled to be making his Baretroupe debut this year. If you’ve been following the BareStage scene, you probably saw him in Hair where he totally got naked. His favorite musicals include (but are not limited to) Into the WoodsOnceLes Mis, and Spring Awakening. His talents include eating, misplacing his glasses, quoting Harry Potter and Spongebob, and making omelets (I can only flip them like 50% of the time but they always taste good so who cares). 


Cameron La Brie is a junior majoring in political science with a focus on comparative politics and a minor in theatre, and he is ecstatic to be making his BareTroupe debut! Being a junior transfer, Cameron has not had the chance to perform in a BareStage production, but some of his favorite roles outside of BareStage have been Angel (RENT), Chad (All Shook Up), Romeo (Romeo and Juliet) and Enjolras (Les Miserables). When not in rehearsal, Cameron can be found studying the political similarities and differences between countries, examining the role religion plays in politics, or more likely, sleeping.

Music Director

Matt Heid is a graduate student in the School of Education. He is obtaining a Masters in Education as well as a credential to teach secondary mathematics. He serves as the accompanist for BareTroupe! Last spring, he was the Assistant Music Director for BareStage's production of Hair, and he has also been involved in productions of Legally BlondeSeussical!, and Bye Bye Birdie. Before coming to Berkeley, Matt attended the University of Washington in Seattle, where he studied mathematics. His hobbies include crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, coffee, baking cupcakes, and singing Broadway hits sung by female characters.

Rehearsal Manager

Shazdeh Hussain is a sophomore intended Economics and Statistics double major. This is Shazdeh's second semester in BareTroupe and first as rehearsal manager, so she is excited to get back to the mf'in grind, yo. Some of her favorite onstage roles include the Witch (Into The Woods), Gertrude (Hamlet), and although Cats is not her favorite show, she says playing Grizabella was a grand ol' time. When not singing, she can be found watching The West Wing, LOTR, and way too much Parks & Recreation, probably crying at the same time, and ruining her carefully crafted cool facade. But above all, her one true love is shredded cheese.


Matthew Borchardt is a senior majoring in Computer Science. Since arriving at Cal, Matt has appeared in several BareStage productions, including HairUrinetown!, Almost Maine, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. When not coding or in rehearsal, Matt strives to fill his life with wine, board games, Mario Kart, dance parties, kickbacks, things to climb, hikes, and bicycles. Above all, though, he strives to fill his life with beautiful, loving friends. Thanks to BareTroupe, this last goal is rather easy to achieve


Michael Lepage is a third-year Geography major and Geographic Information System minor. You may have seen them playing Scott in BareStage's original Wonder Girl. They were also in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Once on this Island, and The Wiz, among other shows, while working with their high school and community theaters. In their spare time, they are the Social Chair of Sigma Epsilon Omega, the Operations Director of the Queer and Ally Resource Center, a peer educator in Greeks Against Sexual Assault, and a Tier 3 Caller at the Cal Calling Center [y'all betta werrk!]. They also like to write songs.


Lelan Fernando is a senior studying History with a concentration in Memory and nineteenth century politics in the United States. Recently accepted into the loving arms of the BareStage family with his role as Woof in Hair, Lelan decided to join BareTroupe under the assumption that it would get him invited to all the parties. During his spare time, you'll probably find Lelan staring contemplatively at his laptop screen. But don't worry, he's not working-- he's just watching The Force Awakens trailer...again.  


Elizabeth is a second year studying English and Creative Writing, and she is so thrilled to be serving on BareStage's Board of Directors this year! She was most recently seen in BareStage's 2015 spring production of Hair, and she hopes to continue and increase her involvement in this wonderful organization. Some of her favorite roles before her involvement in BareStage have included Tootles in Peter Pan, Flora Van Huysen in The Matchmaker, and Skimbleshanks/Demeter in Cats. When she's not rehearsing or performing her secretarial duties, Elizabeth enjoys writing her own television series, aggressively analyzing pop music videos from the early 2000s, and perfecting her college cooking skills.


Claire Pearson is a first year intended Theater and Performance Studies major with an intended minor in Creative Writing. This is her first semester with Baretroupe and is honored to work with the most awesome rag tag bunch of homies. She has yet to be in any Barestage Productions but is excited to begin her journey with this wonderful company. Her favorite roles include the Witch (Into the Woods), Fiona (Shrek the Musical), and Miss Sarah Brown (Guys and Dolls). When not doing any creative, you can find her as a cashier at Cal Dining or updating her blog She cannot wait to embark on this adventure!